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Fuji NXT-1 Pick and Place Machine

Fuji NXT-1 Pick and Place Machine

Products description



Modular design that supports high productivity and flexible production modes.
PCB Size: Min .: 48mmx48mm Max: 510mmx534mm (Double Track)

Patch speed: H12HS: 22,500; H08: 10,500; H04: 6,500; H01: 4,200
Patch accuracy: H12S / H08 / H04: 0.05mm (3sigma) cpk ≥ 1.00
Patch range: H12S: 0402 ~ 7.5x7.5mm high: MAX: 3.0mm
H08: 0402 ~ 12x12mm high: MAX: 6.5mm
H04: 1608 ~ 38x38mm high: MAX: 13mm
H01 / H02 / OF: 1608 ~ 74x74mm (32X180mm) High: MAX: 25.4mm
G04: 0402 ~ 15.0mmx15.0mm high: MAX 6.5mm
Mounted rack: MAX: 20 species / module (8mm tape conversion)
Use power: 3P / 200V / 10KVA
Air flow rate: 0.5 MPa (5 kgf / cm2), 10 NI / min.
LED Mounter
Dimensions: 2M II Base: 740 (L) x 1934 (W)
4M II Base: 1390 (L) x 1934 (W)
H: 1474 mm (M3 II) 1476 mm (M6 II / M6 IISP)
Machine weight: 1,350kg



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